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Coach Gary Guyer is the winningest coach in Mercer University’s women’s golf history. Taking over a program in 2007 that was ranked 210th out of 226 teams (GolfStat), he led the Bears to 10 tournament victories and an invitation to the NCAA tournament during his tenure. The team reached a ranking of #55 in the country... even ahead of some SEC schools.

Guyer's philosophy is to place a strong emphasis on building individual relationships with his players and finding what motivates each player. On the course, Guyer’s' laid-back demeanor translates into his coaching style, which involves being there to lend advice while letting his athletes play, and not trying to push a style or philosophy on them. On the recruiting trail, however, it is all about hard work. Guyer is a tireless recruiter who scours America looking for players who he believes are focused on success, both academically and athletically.

Coach Guyer focuses on structured and measurable play and practice. A player must know how much they are improving and measuring statistics is the best way to know how the player is progressing.

As a people person and excellent mentor, Guyer has presided over many successful players. When you look at all the things you want in a coach -- recruiting skills, dealing with players academically and athletically, and knowledge of the game – Guyer earns high marks from the golfing community.

Coach Guyer is a junior golf coach. While he is an expert on putting, he leaves the full-swing to better qualified professionals. Coach Guyer works with junior golfers to develop an individual system to become a better player. His focus is on tournament scoring, college recruiting and mental preparation.

With a commitment to limit his practice to 12 junior golfers at any one time, you will receive plenty of hands on coaching.

Coach Guyer develops relationships and spends time learning the inner workings of his clients. His monthly fee is $150 per month with a minimum of three months. The intial 1/2 day Consulation is included. The Consultation should be held when the junior golfer can play 9-holes as part of the evaluation.

* Coach Guyer will  extend his 1/2 day Consultation to a full day when the junior golfer allows Coach Guyer to accompany the junior golfer for his/her practice round before a competitive tournament.

- 2 hours of getting to know each other. Topics discussed are:
- "What makes you tick"

- Setting Goals- Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Tournament Goals
- What college coaches are looking for and how to approach them
- Developing Good, Productive Habits- On and Off the Golf Course
- Mental Control- Developing your mindset
- Preparation- Each Shot, Each Hole, Each Round, Each Tournament
- 9-hole evaluation round
- 45 minute putting lesson.

- Accountability- We will develop a program to achieve your goal. As long as you are in the program, you will be held accountable to do the things we agreed upon.

- Daily Communication- Social, Email, Text

- Weekly Communication- Verbally discuss the past week and set goals for the coming week.

- Tournament Preparation- If I can't be there, then we will go through your preparation for the tournament and develop a hole by hole plan together.

- Written practice routines that we used in college.

- My goal is to help you achieve the succes you want. I will help in any way.

- Individual Putting Lessons are $75/hour. (Putting lessons are included in monthly fee)

It will be a pleasure to work with you.

Give me a call or email and lets get together.

Cell- 706.202.4267

Coach Guyer develops junior golfers that want to compete at college golf and possibly, beyond. We design an individual plan for you to reach your unique goals and work with you every step of the way. You will be prepared for success.

Our goal is not to just get you to be on a college golf team, but you will be trained to be ready to compete at the highest level both athletically, academically and mentally.

Coach Guyer works with a select few junior golfers. His objective is to have no more than 18 clients. It would be beneficial if you lived in Georgia. We want to have as much hands-on guidance as possible.

Coach Guyer knows all about collegiate recruiting. He was the head golf coach at Mercer University for eight years. Mercer was a fully funded athletic program that also offered academic aid. All players on his team had full-rides. Coach Guyer knows how important that is.

You will receive hands-on experience with contacting and developing a relationship with college coaches; the rules and regulations and getting athletic and academic aid.

The most important thing is that we have fun. Golf is a game. It is not who you are, but what you do.

Let us know if you are willing to put forth the effort. We would love to help you achieve your goals.

30+ years experience as a player and a coach

Division 1 Women's Golf Coach for 8 years (Mercer University)

LPGA- Level II

PGA Tour Caddie (Kenny Knox- 3 PGA Tour wins)

Georgia Golf Ministry Founder (19 years and still growing)

Author, consultant and mentor

Golf entrepreneur

For your free 15-minute phone consultation appointment, please send your request to or text to 706.202.4267.

Coach Gary Guyer has more than a little old school in him, believing a swing is like a fingerprint and that winning golf is about much more than a swing.

"I love the way Arnold Palmer put it: 'Swing your swing,'" Guyer said. "I don't like taking everybody and making them swing the same way. Believe in what you have. You don't have to be a perfectionist."

"Everything has a cause-and-effect," Coach Guyer stressed. "It was all about preparation. When I started teaching juniors, I had to simplify it, create motion drills so they could have fun when they practiced. Then when they saw improvement, they would get excited."

Guyer makes a point of calling himself a coach, not an instructor.

"Instructors know more about the swing, but a coach knows more about the person, building a relationship with the person," he said. "I would say that's my strength. As coach, I oversee every part of their game. Every player has a different personality. Some players like to hit a lot of balls, and some players don't like to hit any. It doesn't matter. It's about what builds confidence and consistency in your game. I try to build a plan for all of them so they can go out and win. I don't want them to think about their swing, I want them to feel their swing so when they leave me they can go out and play."

“The person who is going to be mentally toughest, who manages themselves to the end, is going to win."