Georgia Golf Ministry
Glorifying God Through Golf

2011 Jim Reynolds Junior Golf Campers and Staff

Crawford Collett- 2011 Jim Reynolds Camp Champion

Jay Long- First Flight Medalist

Hope Reynolds- 2nd Flight Champion

Tony, Kelsey, Hope and Liz ready for battle.

Coach Gowen and his loaded team.

Carlton Hicks and company at The National.

Toby and his adorable grandchildren.


Some of the happy fans at the concert.

Call one of these guys if you need a game.

Hit it like this and it goes in everytime.

See, I told you.

Carlton sans shoes, a la Sam Snead, teaches the art of touch. 

Coach Gowen discussing pre-shot routine.

Alright, aced the first one so just keep it going...

Nice try, but let the girls show you how it is done.

You ate how many Zaxby's sandwiches?

If not for this crew then there would be no lunch.

I am happy and ready to play some golf. Where's #1?

I guarantee you the four of us can beat anybody here.

Lunch is fun and it means that tee time is near.

Perfect shot. We got them where we want them... scared.

We want three a side, two mulligans, a do-over and a throw.

Unbeatable duo.

We are so pumped! Everyone else can atke the afternoon off.

Go ahead and take the picture cause I want to play GOLF.

Meet the disappointers cause you're gonna be.

You're looking at victory here.

We look cute, but bring cash.

If you even dream of beating us, then you need to wake up and apologize.

Like it's not hard enough without making it harder?

Okay, now let me show you how the pros do it.